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Booster Club meets in the administrative conference room on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00p.m. unless otherwise noted.

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I'd like to say welcome back & best wishes for an awesome school year from your Coal Ridge Booster Club! Booster Club is a group of your students' parents who work to support Coal Ridge staff, sports, clubs, students & events. We meet once a month on the 2nd Wed. at 6:30 in the teachers' lounge. Our first meeting is this Wed. August 13.

  • Attached is a Request for Funds form. You can also find them on a clipboard in the booster club mailbox in your workroom. If you have a financial need that would benefit students at Coal Ridge, please fill one out and either put it in the mailbox or email it to me. Then we would love for you to join us at the next meeting & tell us about your request.
  • Things we have supported financially in the past:

-Annual senior scholarship

-Ropes for the Climbing Club

-Cheerleading mats

-Boys soccer trophies

-Start up costs for Sound of Music Musical

-Girls soccer JV uniforms

-Ice bath tub for the training room

-Records board for the weight room

-Homecoming events

-Cross Country Team warm-ups

-DI team travel to Global competition

-LINK shirts

-Wrestling warm-ups

-BBQ for graduation practice

-Golf bags, balls & mats

-Volleyball pink uniforms for Breast Cancer awareness

-After Prom

  • Concession Stand - Booster Club also is in charge of Concessions. Your group, club or sport can sign up to do concessions to make money. Robin will have a sign up sheet in the office.
  • Titan Trot - Booster Club puts on an annual 5K race in Silt in May. This is a fundraiser to make money for Booster Club & ultimately for you!
  • Food!! - We help feed the staff on late nights like conferences & lunches during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

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