Our School

Our Mission:

At Coal Ridge High School, we believe that every student can achieve success by focusing on reading, writing, and communicating in every class, every day. This rigorous approach toward every subject has created classrooms where students are always working towards achieving the very best. With a strong group of diverse students and teachers, Coal Ridge High School offers a variety of learning pathways to engage, nurture, and challenge each student individually. CRHS also believes that a student's high school opportunities are not purely focused in the classroom but within their participation in extracurricular activities and experiences. As a school, CRHS concentrates on the development of our future through our students as they learn, grow, and develop a plan for tomorrow. We are all individuals, but we come together and are TITAN strong!

35947 US-6
New Castle, CO 81647

(970) 665-6700

(970) 665-6701

Dr. Jackie Davis
(970) 665-6710

Assistant Principal:
Michael Mikalakis
(970) 665-6720

Dean/Athletic Director
Ben Kirk