About the Coaches

Crockett Williams
Coach: Crockett Williams

Growing up in the New Castle to Rifle Colorado area Coach Williams looked up to Christopher McCandless and Pat Tillman as role models. Helping him to be the first in his family to attend and graduate college.

He has a B.A in Geography from University of Colorado Boulder. An M.A from Colorado State University and ED.S from University of Northern Colorado. Allowing him to teach U.S history and Weightlifting in the past and currently Geography, Government and Astronomy.

He describes himself as adventurous and active. Curious about the world. Which fits in with his Outdoor enthusiast family that is proud to be Texans and Dallas Cowboys fans.

He was a football player throughout his school years and has a love for the game. However, coaching wasn’t a n immediate thought. Until he returned to CRHS to teach. Since the school was looking for and assistant coach he decided to give back. He was asked to take over the head coach position shortly after his first season.

He is very proud to be the first college graduate in his family. Looking forward to someday running either a school or a company.

Dan Larsen
Coach: Dan Larsen

As he was growing up in Covina California, Dan Larsen looked up to his older brother and college coaches for role models.

He has been married to his wonderful wife Sheryl for 30 years and they have 3 grown kids.

Being modest he declined to describe himself or mention any achievements he is most proud of.

Coaching Golf in the past Dan has played or coached Baseball all his life. He was drawn to coaching to help his kids when they played all sports. His college coaches encouraged him to stay involved in sports.

Looking to the future he would like to coach and mentor the kids to the best of his abilities to produce baseball players with a focus on great character.


Coach: William Henke

Growing up in Longmont Colorado, William Henke looked up to his swim coach and parents as role models. Coming from a complete and loving family he went on to achieve a BA from Adams State University.

A strong desire to help and motivate the athletes participating in sports drove him to coach Basketball, Swimming and now a passion for the game got him into Golf.

He would describe himself as old and seasoned, with the drive to be involved with younger individuals. He is most proud of his achievements of running a couple of marathons, coaching a couple of youngsters to State for Swimming, enjoying a fabulous career, and being able to live life to the fullest.

Looking toward the future he aims to continue LIFE.. also to see his grandchildren excel in their desired sports and to be a part of their lives as much as possible. To continue with his health and enjoyment of the times ahead.

Coach Alyssa Thurmon

Coach: Alyssa Thurmon

Growing up in the gym around Eureka, California Alyssa Thurmon looked up to her mother. She watched her mother always put their family first even if she was going through tough times.

Currently she has been married to her husband for 18 years and been with him for 21. They have three children Cooper (16), Lexi (14), and Kolson (10). As a family they own a cheer and wrestling gym (High Kaliber Athletes).

After attaining her Bachelors degree from Regis University she began teaching English.

Coaching Gymnastics for 13 years she never saw herself as a cheer coach. However once she took a job coaching cheer she fell in love with the sport cheer has become.

She is very proud of the cheer team's 5 State titles. With a passion to continue building a strong cheer program and providing a place for all kids who want to cheer to succeed.

Ben Kirk

Coach Ben Kirk: Track & Field

Ben Kirk was born in Durango, Colorado and grew up in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Graduating from high school in Hotchkiss. He attended Colorado State University to obtain his Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine and his Masters of Education.

Growing up he admired his parents as role models. They were both simple hard working parents. Who he saw sacrifice daily to provide for him and his brother. That work ethic always inspired him to be the same way.

That work ethic drove him to accomplish Magna Cum Laude from CSU. Something he is very proud of being a first generation college graduate.

He is also very proud of Coal Ridge High. He believes this is an amazing place to work and for kids to grow. He feels he has been part of making the school the great place it is.

While he is not currently a teacher (being the Dean of Students and Athletic Director) he has taught Science and Weight Lifting in the past. Focusing on Anatomy, Physics, Biology, and Sports medicine.

He would describe himself as driven, hard working, and honest. He enjoys reading, weight lifting, and coaching. He is a spiritual person who tries to live with integrity and who tries to do all things the right way.

He must be doing something right, he has been married for 17 years to his high school sweetheart, Maggie. They have two daughters Taulee (11) and Maelee (8). His wife’s family is big into track so when she started coaching he agreed to help her. Falling in love with track as you can concretely show/prove to the kids that they are improving. Very few sports allow such clear proof of improvement. Ilso loves the science of training.

Making a natural transition when he had finished playing sports to shift into coaching them. He has coached High School Baseball and Football, as well as Middle School Football and Youth Soccer.

His aspirations for the future are that he wants Coal Ridge to be the most dominant High School on the Western Slope of Colorado both Academically and athletically.


Coach Paul Harvey: Boys Basketball

Growing up in Apple Tree Park New Castle, CO Paul Harvey admired a lot of people. His dad, Coach Walters, Coach Phillips, His teachers Mr. Ellis, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Williamson to name a few.

He attended Mesa State (Now Colorado Mesa University) to obtain his Bachelor’s in History with a secondary Education License. Then continued on to achieve his Masters in Educational Technology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Masters in History from Adam’s State University.

He has a large and busy family. Including his wife Katherine, and three daughters: Emerson (11th grade), Christopher (8th grade), and Kensington (7th grade).

He would describe himself as hard-working, positive and committed.

His teaching career has included Government, U.S. History, World Religions, and Psychology in the past. Currently he teaches CMC History, AP Psychology, AP Research, Film Studies, and World Geography. 

Coach Harvey was voted the 2016 Western Slope League Coach of the Year and the 2016 Coal Ridge Coach of the Year. He also won the Coal Ridge Teacher of the Year Award and was an L.S. Wood nominee in 2016.

He was drawn to sports for the competition, team building and the love of the game. He got started coaching by helping his dad coach Paul’s sisters travel Basketball. Falling in love with coaching.
His past coaching experience has included Baseball, Football and Youth Soccer. But his current passion is for coaching Boys Basketball.


He is proud of his achievements of 4 League Championships, 2 District Championships and 1 regional Championship as a Head Coach at Coal Ridge. As well as his State Championship achievement as an Assistant Coach.

Looking to the future Coach Harvey plans to Finish his career at Coal Ridge and Make every season special, fun, and rewarding for all of our players.

 Coach Michael Mikalakis  

Coach Michael Mikalakis: Boys Soccer

Michael Mikalakis has been a coach for the Coal Ridge High School soccer team since 2011. In 2012, he became the head soccer coach, and, that year, the boys won the league title and made it to the state semifinals. Since 2012, the boys' program has seen a wide range of success, making it the quarterfinals five times, and they made another trip to the semifinals in 2015. During his tenure, Coach Mikalakis has amassed a record of 84-19-3 for the Coal Ridge Titans, and he looks forward to the excitement that each new season brings.

Coach Aimee Gerber

Coach Aimee Gerber: Head Varsity Volleyball

Growing up in Muncie, Indiana her mom and dad were her greatest role models.
“My mom was the kindest and most caring person you could ever meet. She was a wonderful mother of 7 and taught me how to love and care for my family while serving others. My dad was a very hard worker with long days at his pharmacies but still was involved and took interest in all our lives.They taught us nothing was more important than our faith in God and our family. “ Being the 6th child of 7 also led to her siblings having a very positive impact on her life.

Athletically, her college coaches, Dave and Barb Herron also taught her how to compete and love the game while investing in the lives of each athlete.

She attended Cedarville University (Ohio) for a year then transferred to Northland International University in Wisconsin to attain her Bachelors in Secondary English Education and a double minor in Coaching and Biblical Studies.

Her family remains very close. Spending most of their time together as a family when not attending to work responsibilities. They all serve in the church whether in music, kids, technology or youth. They love to travel to the South and spend vacations at the beach.
Laughter accompanies their activities like playing board games and corn hole. They have always taught their boys no one is more important than your brothers and you have each other's backs through everything!

Although not teaching currently, she has taught physical education in Flint, Michigan and been a substitute teacher for English and History in the past.

She was drawn to play volleyball in 5th grade. Falling in love with the sort immediately and continuing all through high school and college. Loving the life lessons the game taught her from teamwork, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and responsibility.

As she entered college she knew she wanted her passion for volleyball and sports to be something she used. Pursuing a coaching minor degree to study the games and everything there was to know about coaching. She began officiating volleyball and continued for over 10 years.
She traveled and worked sports camps every summer with my college coaches and teammates. This created a desire and opportunities to start coaching right out of college.
Coaching has become one of her greatest passions and she loves investing in the lives of young women and helping prepare them to be strong athletes and young women.

Married for 27 years to Jeff Gerber (Boys JVBballCoach) and mom to 4 boys Hunter (23), Austin (20), Chase (12th Grade) and Brady (9th Grade). She shares a church ministry with her husband at First Baptist Church of New Castle where he is the head pastor.
As a family, they are very involved in church, sports and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She loves the beach and hot summers! She also enjoys spending time with friends, reading, serving our community and helping volunteers at Coal Ridge with the Booster Club.

“The greatest achievement to me is being a mom to 4 awesome boys! I have enjoyed some accolades in coaching. It was great to take one of the best liberos Coal Ridge has had to CHSCA All-State and be nominated as CHSCA Coach of the Year. And of course to coach here.”

Her goals for the future as a coach, she wants to help each team be as successful as they can be and hopefully lead the team back to being the top League team and go back to State. As a mom of 4 boys she can’t wait to have those special daughters and grandbabies!

Coach Oz

Coach Chris Ozminkowski: Cross Country

Raised by a close knit family in Commerce Township Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Chris Ozminkowski looked up to his brother Greg. Whom he credits for teaching him everything from what video games to play, what music to listen to, how to have fun in life, and how to be a good friend etc. And while his parents are still in Michigan they remain a close family and talk quite often. Locally it is just him, his wife Kaitlyn and their two dogs.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Education as well as a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Central Michigan University. Opening the door to teaching 7th Grade Science and now 6th-8th grade Health at Riverside Middle School.

An accident of random chance got him into Cross Country and then into coaching. When he started student teaching in Michigan, he asked the school if anyone in an afterschool program needed help. 

It just so happened to be the Cross Country and Track Coach who asked him to help out. So he did.

He knew he wanted to do something after school with the kids but didn’t really even think about coaching. Then, he realized how exciting it was to help and watch kids grow and get better at what they like to do over time.

He would describe himself as easy going and laid back. He often would rather be alone playing video games, but other people can be fun to hang out with too. He enjoys being outside in nature, camping, climbing rock and ice and being with his wife and dogs.

He is proud of his teaching degree and Masters. As well as being able to continue teaching now for almost 8 years. He is also extremely proud of being a head coach of a cross country team.

Looking to the future he plans to continue teaching and coaching, also to continue to be happily married to his wife of 3+ years for another 60 or more years.

Coach Clyde Morgan
Coach Clyde Morgan: Girls Basketball

A man of few words. Coach Morgan grew up in Laveta, Colorado.

He saw his grandfather Norman, as a role model. Calling him the kindest and most respectful person he knows. 

He comes from and goes home to a fun outgoing family. That enjoys their time together out on the boat wake surfing. He is the father of two children.

He grew up playing basketball developing a love for the game. He feels it teaches you more things that will help you in real life.

Since he has always loved the game, when he had the opportunity to coach it and be able to make a difference in young people's lives he took it.

He describes himself as someone who loves to be outdoors whether it is playing golf, riding his mountain bike or being on the lake. And of course playing basketball.

His proudest accomplishment so far is raising his two children.